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View Thread: Worst Microsoft Product?
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    Simo wrote:
    Worst product I actually owned... I had one of the early versions of FrontPage. Packaged with an Office installation probably. Was a shocking shocking product.

    Yay for "Themes", over-use of animated GIFs, and DHTML!

    Simo wrote:
    But I dare say if I had ever been a lucky owner of MS Bob then Bob would have been it.

    Their best product that I use... Sql Server 2000 (err ignoring Enterprise Manager but incl Query Analyzer). Hard as nails that thing. You could go to the moon and back with it.

    Query Analyzer really could do with some form of Intellisense through, even if it is just for column-names. Although I haven't used any of the new SQL Server 2005 tools yet, can anyone shed some light on those?

    Simo wrote:
    MS Barney comes in a close second.

    MS Actimates? Why were you using those in the first place, you eejit Tongue Out