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Starting user groups..

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    Hey MS peeps.. I was wondering what sort of contact should I pursue if I wanted to start a user group for .NET technologies? I would like to have corporate sponsorships, product specialists for keynotes, etc. I'm sure I could get facilities.. Can MS help out in this area? I believe you guys have a Tampa office that gets involved in public affairs efforts? I haven't seen a group yet for the spacecoast so I thought it might be a decent thing for me to kickstart.

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    I've got two good sites for you to check out:


    After searching to make sure there are no user groups in your area and if you do start one; make sure to join the user group programs offered by different publishing companies. They normally have a lot of good offers and will send complimentary books in trade of book reviews.

    Which reminds me I need to get some more reviews sent off…

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