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View Thread: Windows Vista Versions - Should I be upset now or should I wait for pricing information?
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    Shining Arcanine wrote:

    I have Windows Media Center Edition 2005, which is a superset of Windows XP Professional, which is a superset of Windows XP Home, which is a superset of Windows XP Starter Edition. Windows Media Center Edition 2005 is very affordably priced (you can get it for around $125), and I really like it because it has Windows XP Professional's Remote Desktop and Dual Processor support.

    In Windows Vista, Windows Home Premium is analogous to Windows Media Center Edition 2005, except that Windows XP Professional's features have been stripped out and Windows Media Center Edition is sitting on top of Windows XP Home's feature set. That means that I cannot use Windows Remote Desktop from my laptop when I want to combine my laptop's portability with my desktop's processing power and that I no longer have the option of running a dual processor PC. Windows Ultimate is the only thing in Windows Vista that gives me this feature set, and since it will be marketed as an ultimate product, it will be super expensive.

    So my question is, should I be upset now or should I wait for pricing information?

    I suggest you get enough people who want it to post here, then Microsoft will just change it and say not to believe the older info.... I personally use the RDP function of my MCE nearly every day, since I have to go to school, I no longer need to carry a floppy (the school computers are so old, they do not even have USB ports!)... I just use Remote Desktop Web Connection and voila! Windows MCE on a Pentium 90MHz! (yes, my school is horrible). In fact, the two major things I do on my MCE is schoolwork (thru RDP or locally) and eHome stuff.... Anyone who loves MCE's advanced capabilities should say so.... Here.... And hopefully the Vista team looks at it at some point and changes their minds about the SKUs (or if they do not control that, they persuade the SKU makers to do so).... I wonder if the Vista team even looks here....