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View Thread: What if Microsoft designed the iPod box?
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    brian.shapiro wrote:
    well no , i understand the point. i dont like marketing committees going overboard. but look at the XP box... was that overcomplicated? no it was pretty simple and plain. microsofts advertisements are usually simple and plain also. so i dont get it as a criticism of microsoft

    It's not just about a particular box...

    Look at this:

    Huge OEM logo ("CREATIVE").  Model logo ("Zen").  The words "PORTABLE MEDIA CENTER" screaming at you, just in case you forgot what it was you are holding in your hand.  A Windows logo button, just in case you didn't pick up on the same Windows logo on the off-center menu on the display ("Hey!  This is a MICROSOFT device!  Remember us?  MICROSOFT!")

    Now look at this:

    Where's the Apple logo?  Where's the word "iPod" screaming at me in BOLD, ALL CAPS, HIGH CONTRAST type in case I forget what this thing is?  Where's the text screaming the model "5G" or "VIDEO iPod?"

    The Apple logo appears briefly on the display when it cold-starts.  The logo and identifying text is all on the back, where you never have to look at it.  And if you do flip it over and look at the back, it's beautifully laser-etched into a mirrored silver finish. 

    They even care about looking good on the back side. 

    It's a completely different design aesthetic.  That video is more than about the boxes....

    Also, have you seen a Windows XP box lately?   They added a big ugly triangle for SP2.  This is the Japanese box:

    The Japanese box for XP Professional is even worse, it has the "NOW WITH SP2!!!" thing screaming at you, along with a big overlay screaming at you to "STEP UP!!!!!!" TO PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!

    It's totally like the video.  Big Smile

    And here we have the Apple OS box:

    It still looks like you're buying a box of Death LOL but -- and this is my point -- at least it's a tasteful Death.  Big Smile

    I watched the Digital Kitchen "Origami" video, and the main that impressed me?  The Origami wasn't screaming with logos and festooned with text.

    Of course, that could be because, in the video, it's still a prototype... Tongue Out