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View Thread: What if Microsoft designed the iPod box?
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    ok. the original XP boxes weren't like that though. and even current US XP boxes are nothing like the Japanese messes. (i remember seeing the SP2 triangle it was nothing too distracting)

    i have an original XP box somewhere its very plain, you open it up theres a booklet with a few illustrations and a place to rest the CD. (from what i remember)

    and yes i think all of the PMC designs ive seen look bad. but if you look at the origami pictures (whether prototype or not) it looks very simple in the same way that ipods do. i wonder what all those controls are for though

    btw i dont think the OSX box is a 'tasteful' box of death. its imo a little bad taste to use so much graphic effects and focus on a big X. but then again i find the OSX interface style to be a bit of bad taste when most people dont.

    i hate though how on certain micrsoft webpages, even looking a the windows vista page now, they overuse photos of people smiling, which has nothing to do with the product, it comes off as insincere corporate gloss. ( a lot of corporate pages or pamphlets are like this )