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Questions about Channel 9's Tech

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    First off, Channel 9 is cool! I'm very curious about what's under the hood. Can you give us the low-down on Channel 9's hardware/software architecture?

    Post some pics of the actual hardware the site is running on....that would be sort of neat.

    Which OS are you running?
    How many servers in the web farm?
    How many procs in the SQL server behind 'em?
    Anything clustered?
    How much storage? What type? Fibre channel?
    Are you using SQL Server to store session state?

    I noticed your using some free software for this box I'm typing in. Did you donate any money for that?

    Are you using any other free/opensource software? If so what?

    As I said, just curious.

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    See Bryn's post for how it was done:

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