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View Thread: An Open Letter to Mr. Gates
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    My Bill Gates moment happened back in 99 where Bill Rudin, my boss met Bill Gates, your boss.He was in town on some round table discussions with the "power houses" of New York City , and was offered a tour of one of our pet projects. I was given the task of showing off the operations of our newly re-built "Smart Building". He was certainly amused at the workings and remote transformation of the rooms based on conference sizes and type of space needed, all controlled from a touch screen palm-top. He was also got a kick out of controlling the elevators, HVACs and the conference screens from this wireless device.
    Anyways later on after the launch of XBOX in 2001, he sent us complimentary xbox consoles to replace the Playstations we used on the Video Wall

    Here is a pic of the moment where BILL meets BILL. Similar, don't you think ?