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View Thread: If Orwell Was Alive, He'd Stock Up on Tinfoil
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    zzzzz wrote:

    Won't argue to much but if you ban Cell phones we need to ban music in cars.  I image that has gotten worse sense MP3 players.

    On the whole, MP3 players are largely passive - it doesn't require a great deal of thought to listen to music. With cell phones, you're minus 1 hand for controlling the car, and even if you have the hands-free headphone thingies you still need a hand (and eyes) to answer and dial, plus the, shall we say, mental bandwidth to drive, talk, and listen at the same time.

    Oh and those kids in the back seat we need to hog tie and gag them.

    Better yet - stick em in cages behind soundproof barriers in the back seat. Tongue Out