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The future of source-control

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    What kind of source-control will be included with Whidby if any?  What are you using at Microsoft to keep track of source-code in small dev teams? 


    What kind of updates will come to SourceSafe in the near future?  Any links or resources?

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    I don't know if this is of any help but....

    Someone asked the same question of four Microsoft guys from the Whidbey team who gave a User Group talk (VBUG) a week or so back in London.

    Everyone agreed that VSS was pretty crap and well past its 'sell by' date!

    The gist of the discussions that followed was that internally some test groups (small projects) used Visual SourceSafe but most of development didn't use it. It certainly isn't used for Visual Studio development (I vaguely remember a comment about Visual Studio comprising about 40GB source code).

    The Microsoft guys seemed to be well aware of the problems with Visual Source Safe and revealed that there have apparently been several attempts at writing a replacement within Microsoft, several of which have "crashed and burned".

    The subject of WHEN an updated source control system (mentioned at PDC?) was brought up and someone said it had been revealed at PDC that this would be released in the Whidbey time frame. The reaction was very much one of "Oh no it won't" and that we should be looking for something more like the Longhorn time frame (if that?)for any replacement for the ailing VSS.

    It was all a bit depressing on that front - clearly not a big priority.

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    Korby Parnell's (MSFT) blog will sometimes drop bits of information about the next release of VSS.

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    How can it take so long time to get a new version of Source Safe or similar program? Couldn’t Microsoft do as they often do with other programs, buy a company that does a good source control program?


    We have been waiting for this a long time now.

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    I believe the new version of VSS will sit on Yukon, thats why we have to wait.

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    Anyone from Microsoft have a comment?

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    You mean, that it will have Yukon as the storage medium? Directally or with help of WinFS? I hope that it isn't connected with WinFS, then we have to wait to 2006, or something. Wink 

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