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View Thread: Feeling a bit cheated with XP SP 2
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    The way I see it; SP2 is a security oriented update, if some application breaks because it's using some API call or w/e that is unsecure just to save the programmer x lines of code or the end user 2 or 3 clicks. I say let it break, this way MS can force programmers to start writing better quality programs (yes even their own programmers) while also making the system the program its running on more secure. As for the 'hassle' of having to click a info bar to install an activeX control or having to say yes allow this program to connect to the internet, big deal, people have complained and complained a lot over the years of "This is unsecure" or "My system always crashes". MS has (for the most part) fixed the stability factor with switching to the NT kernel and with SP2 has started down the right path for fixing the security issues.

    Keep up the great work guys!