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    oops..i didn't know i had an NDA...i'd better go and have a look i suppose Smiley.

    I've worked in various parts of microsoft ( support, consultancy, msr , windows server ) and in my experience we are allowed to be as open as we can be. Obviously we work in a competitive world so we have our secrets...

    I feel pretty free to talk about most technical things to be honest, legal etc issues would make me less comfortable ( but i'm a dev, that stuff scares me Smiley

    Personally, a lot of the time that i won't speak about things, it's not from a non-disclosure pov, it's because they are speculative and may be changed / cut etc. Once you talk about something in public people tend to start wanting to use it...and this can be embarassing. IMDB in windows 2000 is a good example if anyone remembers that one...