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View Thread: VS.Net 2005 - Has VS.Net usability jumped the shark.
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    During my usual early evening trawl around my newsfeeds I found this post from Brendan Tompkins.

    Brendan Tompkins wrote:

    Now, I have all kinds of thoughts relating to this and how we’ve made things too complex in the .NET software development world, and in the world of computing in general, and how we’ve forgotten about ease of use

    Other points involve
    • It's slow.
    • I can't easily find my files.
    • They've removed features that I used.

    I've only spent a little time with 2005, as my current customer is still using 2003, but I find myself agreeing to a certain extent with his rant.

    Now that VS.Net 2005 has had some time to settle in, are you happy with it? Is it an improvement over 2003 or is it just different? Is the performance acceptable, or does it reduce your productivity?