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View Thread: VS.Net 2005 - Has VS.Net usability jumped the shark.
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    Sven Groot

    I most certainly like VS2005, and the fact that recently my last remaining ASP.NET 1.1 webhost upgraded to 2.0 means that finally I can stop installing two versions of VS which just costs way too much time (especially since I have VS2003 on CD so I can't walk away while installing it, and I have the upgrade so I need VS2002 CD1 at hand as well, plus I have to install .Net 1.1, VS2003, .Net 1.1 SP1, .Net 1.1 security update, VS2003 GDI+ update, MSDN documatation update, it was just very annoying).

    Despite some other minor bugs, there's only one thing I don't understand and hate about VS2005, and that is regular expressions in the IDE. That's just completely, totally, utterly broken. When dealing with a multiline regex search and replace, VS2005 will yield the wrong results and quite frequently even crash completely. I don't understand how this couldn't have been caught; the only way not to notice it is to never use regexes in the IDE.