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VS.Net 2005 - Has VS.Net usability jumped the shark.

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    Hi yman,

    Any chance you could post more information about the pausing behavior you are seeing here?  Is it with web projects, class library projects, windows projects?  Also -- do you see it in source view or design-view?

    One thing I have seen a few cases of is where the HTML validation engine can pause things slightly when typing/moving in big HTML documents.  This seems to be disk IO bound (I only see this on my laptop -- not my desktop).  Here is a blog post that shows how to disable it if that is your issue:

    One other change I'd recommend if you see things slowing down every now and then is to disable the "auto-recover" feature.  You can turn this off from tools->options->auto-recover.

    Hope this helps,


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    Sven Groot

    My favourite feature in VS2005 is that when you connect to a remote site with FP Server Extensions, it can actually remember your password. That was so annoying in VS2003 and before (all the way back to Visual InterDev, actually).

    I also like the way I don't have to compile websites myself with the new ASP.NET model, and the way VS2005 handles references on websites. I use more than one computer, and more than once with VS2003 I'd end up compiling the website on the wrong computer, with the wrong version of some dependency and breaking the website for a few days until I could get at the other computer. VS2005 doesn't try to randomly pluck whatever version of an assembly happens to be on your harddrive and compile the site with that, it sticks with what you uploaded.

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    The new features are really nice, but since this is a usability thread, I will concentrate on that.

    In my experience I have found some pretty poor behaviour.

    There are episodes where VS.NET will simply crash, without any warning. Another big issue for me is with the designers.

    There are times when the designers fail to load and complain about not being able to locate variable or method definitions when they are assigned within a constructor. As a workaround, I find myself having to new up instances and then assign them within InitializeComponent in order to get the designers to load.
    Then I have to comment out the initialization inside the designer class when I want to run the code.

    This generally occurs for me when I have some variable being assigned within a class constructor and then attempt to utilize it in a partial class.


    public partial class foo : myDesignableBaseClass {

       public foo(System.DateTime effectiveDate)
          this.mEffectiveDate = effectiveDate;


    public partial class foo {

       private System.DateTime mEffectiveDate;

       private void InitializeComponent(){
          //Init code here

      //method that accesses mEffectiveDate here


    The above code in it's current state will cause the designer to fail to load for me 100% of the time. I am not sure if this is localized to my specific installation or if there are others experiencing this issue as well.

    If I new-up mEffectiveDate in InitializeComponent, then the designer will load properly.

       private void InitializeComponent(){
          mEffectiveDate = System.DateTime.Now;

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    Frank Hileman

    We have two classes in one project that are quite large, several thousand lines. I think one is 3.4K and another 3K. Both of these files are essentially uneditable in VS 2005. While I can edit them, the lag between typing and seeing the characters change is too long to be usable (sometimes seconds). Since these files must compile in a VS 2003 project as well, we cannot break them up using partial classes. For this reason alone I often have to bail out of VS 2005 and go back to VS 2003.

    Other problems we suffered from:

    - Undocumented breaking changes in the design-time infrastructure. While our run-time only dlls work great in 2.0, changes to the design-time libraries in VS 2005 broke many things. We worked around all these problems but it consumed a huge amount of time. We were only using public APIs and not anything weird like reflection.

    - We discovered new bugs in the design-time portions of VS 2005. One serious one is in the code-dom serializer, that can cause our customers to lose their entire generated code that may have taken months to construct. So backups are essential. Microsoft has identified the problem and will eventually patch it, but better QA would have caught these types of things before the release.

    - The toolbox has some serious new problems that still have not been completely figured out, but they can cause your project to load or unload extremely slowly. Anyone with this symptom should try resetting the toolbox.

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    The slowness seems very machine and memory dependent. While I really enjoy many of the new 2.0 features. It's the little things that are really irksome. Like creating a multi-project solution only to spend 2 hours trying to figure out how at add a second project and then to realize that the default behavior has changed and you now have to turn on an option before you can even add a second project. While there is a beta for the old-style web projects, not delivering this in the first place means that you either have to completely learn a new project style or wait for the service-pack. Not providing a direct evolutionary path (forcing a major paradigm change) makes it seem to the end-users (us developers) like it was rushed out the door. ASP.NET 2.0 feals much like a fork-lift upgrade which will cause people to delay or postpone until at least the first service pack and/or until ReShaper goes gold.

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    "I want to take VSS into the backyard and stab it to death a million times over. "

    LOL.  Now that was funny.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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