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View Thread: Gosling says C# has NO potential
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    a ! wrote:
    The Father of Java then dismissed Microsoft's C# as having had potential, but no longer: "We were afraid they were going to do something really creative - but they're hopelessly focused on one platform."

    Interestingly, he doesn't diss C# as a language, but the fact that it's limited to one platform.  (I assume Gosling hasn't heard of "mono" outside of a medical context.)

    Isn't this like saying, "We were afraid of the iTunes Music Store, but it turns out the music and TV shows you download from it only play on a single platform (iPod)."


    Unix servers are losing market share; Windows servers are gaining share.  In fact Windows just passed Unix and now sells more than Unix.

    So Gosling is admitting C# is cool and everything, but it's "hopelessly focused" on THE PLATFORM THAT HAS THE MAJORITY OF SALES IN SERVERS.  (Not to mention the vast majority of desktops.)

    And in other news, Dinosaurs admitted that they were previously afraid of Mammals, but now Dinosaurs no longer fear extinction, because Mammals are "hopelessly focused" on a high-metabolism, warm-blooded platform...