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View Thread: 有中国的朋友们吗?
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    Wow. Great that China hasn't quite closed down the firewall on Channel9 yet...But I'm sure that will happen soon.

    China has some real challenges if it is to adopt technology the way they need to in order to progress as a country and as a culture. There are so many cultural challenges that they will have to get over if they're going to make it as a global citizen.

    If they can learn from Hong Kong and stop trying to assimilate Taiwan, then they may have a chance to be progressive as needed and still preserve their culture.

    I know Microsoft has been in China since 1994 trying to introduce Microsoft solutions. It certainly didn't help that a couple of anti-China messages cropped up in helpfiles, but nevertheless, China did try to adopt some of the Microsoft solutions as it could. The problem is, the software can cost as much as one year's salary there, so it makes it impossible to afford. Therefore, piracy is rampant in China.

    To resolve this imbalance and to try to preserve their culture, they decided to write their own OS and application suite. The problem is, that isolates China from the rest of the entire world. Well, this is what China seems to do best. Build walls.

    As we all know, that wall will fall sooner or later. So, the short answer is, yes, China has friends.