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    That is what he used to translate the page so that we could understand what you wrote.

    When you paste the letters in that is what it comes up with as the translation.

    This is what Altavista translates your text to mean

    Channel9 is not □politics □the station, □is not sealed □. My □also very much □anger government □□seals □. But my □understanding government's line □, because □the government wants the surface □too to be many counter- □□□. But center □the people □universal existence □outside sentences □sentiment and so on insufficiency □, very easily □□. I did not know which □□family □has to like □□surface □□many □strength, □unfolds under □many □strength □. My □□any cannot put □□□the reason was not □the counter- □□□democracy, I □own also in the pursue democracy, He?geng met □the west □□. Because □□□is an I □part, I □all people □all □□I □□receive □□□, if I □government and □□□□does not take back □, people □□, □family on □surface □people □does not trust □the strength. □Microsoft, I □□have any repugnance, I □procedure □majority of is the work to Windows even □under. □regrets I □□version □to be very heavy very much, makes □the procedure □, my unhappy □□version existence, believed the government □truncation stops. I □own OS? □, □my □center □majority of procedures □, all do not favor □□are □, but no matter favors, I □all want □□to do time. □unexpectedly I □need □□to be more □west.

    Or it also translates to mean this when you use traditional to english
    Channel9 is not the political website, cannot force out. Our also very angry government's network blockade. But we understand the government the line □, because □the government must face too many anti-Chinese public opinions. But China's situation and so on people □universal existence foreign judgement insufficiency, is very easily misled. I did not know which country also has equally to face this □multi- pressures like China, develops under this □multi- pressures. We □were assorted □cannot give up Taiwan the reason are not □have opposed Taiwan the democracy, we also in pursue democracy, much less more contacts west Taiwan. Because □Taiwan is our part, our all people □all recognize □us to be supposed to regain Taiwan, if our government and the army do not take back Taiwan, the people □can be discontented, the country can face the people □does not trust the pressure. To Microsoft, we do not have any repugnance, our programmer majority is the work under the Windows platform. Very regrettable we pirate very seriously, is □the programmer, I do not like the existence which pirates, believed the government meets the truncation to stop. We OS? Wrong, our China majority of programmers, all do not favor this system, but no matter favors, we all must attempt do time. We need academic society more things after all.

    Please feel free to amend and or add change if some or all of your sentiments are not made to represent your correct feelings.

    There was one quote I just wish I could remember who said it.

    Love is the only universal language that crosses many bounds. (Love you might substitute compassion and understanding but it all boils down to love)