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Best Prank Ever...

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    So reading Digg I come across an article...

    Google Hired 15 Yr Old Kid

    "15 year old student, Tom Vendetta has been hired by search engine giant Google Inc. The student will receive a lowered salary, which will be placed into a bank account for future education, said Google CEO Larry Page."

    That's been reported by i-newswire. So I read the article stating...

    "Vendetta will be incharge of working with recent security flaw's in Google's beta e-mail service, "Gmail". " - it said that they found him after reading his blog. I'm thinking this is insane and has to be the wierdest thing ever, this kid has to be the next einstein or I read his blog...

    "I was looking around on, and came across an interesting submission showing how to fool google's news system. Me being the curious person I am, read the article and proceeded to try it."

    HAHAHAH...turns out....

    Kid Fakes Article on Google News > Google News gets replicated by other content providers > Article Gets Dugg > Kid gets pounded by emails, and IMs.

    Best part about it....everyones cool with him over it. (with the occasional punks who are 15 and wanted a real chance at getting hired with Google..)

    Nice way to end a night...

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    Oh, that is sweet... what's his blog URL?


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    hi, where is this article on digg? cannot find it on digg

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