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J2EE crashing the computer

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    I am doing a specialisation in middleware and we are looking into J2EE and .Net as middleware technologies.

    While I have approx. 4 year experience now in .Net technology, today it was the first time I tried using J2EE...

    And it wend with a big bang Tongue Out I'm now reinstalling VS2005 after reinstalling windows XP. I am never, and I mean never going to use J2EE again on windows.

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    Java crashed your computer? Wow. That's drastic, what did it do specifically to kill your machine?

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    That is certainly quite, uh, interesting.  I've never had Java bork a machine before (been close to it some times...)

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    Are you certain you didn't install Kazaa rather than J2EE? Crashing the computer would be a little odd.

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