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For C9'ers - Made in Express Contest

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    Dear fellow Niners,

    Since many of you participated in the Summer of Express contest, I thought you all would be interesting in our new Made In Express contest with a chance to win $10,000!! 

    What makes this contest different is that all you need to do to enter is submit your idea. That's it! If you're project idea is picked as one of the 12 finalists, you'll have a custom project blog to track your progress. 

    The 12 finalists will then compete head-to-head with Scoble, Phil Torone, and a mystery judge deciding the winner. 

    The other cool part is that there will be a community award where *you* get to vote on the best idea!  

    Submit your idea today!!

    More Info
    - Prizes
    - Rules
    - Official Flair

    Best of luck everyone!


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    Zeo wrote:
    Dan very cool contest. I'll pass this along to a bunch of people in the community.

    Damn Zeo he said C9''re getting into Leg Humping mode again....

    No, seriously though this is very cool, idea already submitted.

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    The ability to suggest a project, and the ability to actually implement it are entirely seperate.

    I've had a project in the back of my mind for a couple of years that I'd love to see implemented, but the chance of my being able to do so in time to complete a contest seem remote at best.

    Surely anything that can be done with .Net 2.0 in general can be done with the Express editions, the whole framework is available to everyone, including those who just download the free SDK. The only difference is how many IDE features you have to help you on your way.

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