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    Greetings, all...

    Have the March CTP of Sparkle, Feb CTP of WinFX, WindowsSDK, VS.2005, etc.

    I'm spending every free minute learning XAML and C# (C++ guy for awhile).

    First, I want to commend Manuel and the rest of the Sparkle / WPF team.  This has me more excited than I've been in a while.

    Now, I want to know where the best forum is and where I can find more resources.

    I currently have a few questions / issues.

    #1 - Walked through the ImageButton Tutorial... Seemed to work, then when I ran it, it turned my image button into a red bordered rect and said "The TargetTemplate is different than ImageButton"???

    #2 - Tried using Zam3D.  Created a simple 3d object. used Copy XAML, then pasted into the grid tags.  Gave me a bunch of errors.  Undeclared Identifier Viewbox, Viewport3D.  I removed all of the attributes from Viewbox and it worked, but no preview in Sparkle.

    #3 -  I'm really trying to get the 3D / 2D integration going, as I'm a decent 3D artist as well as coder.  How to I make 2D elements like grids, panels, etc. 3D?

    (I'm very interested in the DataPresenter by Infragistics... What I'm trying to do is similar to their putting content on the 3D note cards in Carousel mode in their video.)

    #4 - I had the Jan CTP of Sparkle... created a little test XAML.  The project won't open in Mar.Sparkle.  Cutting and pasting the XAML doesn't seem to work.  Not worried about that test app, but how do I start developing a WPF app that will migrate up through the CTP's?

    #5 - I have been working on a Sqlite DB for my app.  I've also had an XML based system in the past, but Sqlite seems to show performance increases.  Any suggestions for moving forward?  Something better than Sqlite when using .NET?

    Ok, that's enough for now... Sorry for so many... just not sure where to get the answers.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Rob Relyea

    Glad to hear you are excited by this wave of software.

    I'll try to address 2 of your questions...

    #1 - I would ask this question on the Expression Interactive Designer newsgroup.  See their blog at: and their newsgroup at: Expression Interactive Designer Discussion

    #4 - There were a number of breaking changes that happened in the FebCTP of WinFX. Most notably, we changed the xml namespaces for WPF/XAML.  There is a converter available to get your old projects into an almost running state:

    (For tips for getting started, see Tim Sneath's tips here:

    -Rob Relyea
    WPF, PM

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    Thanks, Rob...


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