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    Ion Todirel

    arunpv wrote:
    Zeo wrote: I found this article to be a really good read. Well structured and really shows Microsoft's loss of faith in .Net for use inside of Widows.

    IIRC, Microsoft didn't publish that Vista is going to be completely based on .NET. Well, they did in the beginning and later said its not going to be. I am not surprised if Vista is not built on .NET.

    But the 3 pillars WPF/WCF/WFS are (I think) completely .NET

    I see .NET as a separate piece which can integrated later on. I am waiting for WinFS(holy grail)....

    WCF is completely, WPF some parts are written in managed some are wrappers to native, about WinFS, core parts are written in native (C++), but API is written in C#. Why did they chose C++ instead of C#? because you can't use .NET at this level, what is .NET? an abstractisation layer build on top of the OS...

    And .NET is not only a piece of software (is a a great piece of software, but)  is much more.

    I agree with Russinovich, from a developer standpoint .NET is the future .NET is the present. And someday something like this will make all of our dreams reality (writting OSs in C#, drivers, core elements etc.)