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Let's Get Irish!

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    In two days the green beer will flow in the streets here and I just wanna get in the mood.
    So I'm on the Guinness Train and cranking up some DVDs These are some my favorite Irish-oriented films - What are yours?

    The Quiet Man         The classic tale of Sean "Trooper" Thornton. Sean returns to the Motherland to buy plot of land and snag a wife. The Wife is a firey redhead named Mary Kate Danaher, sister to "Red" the town bully, who also has his eyes on Sean's plot. There's plenty of fun in this bit of eyre.

    Dear Frankie       Young Frankie's mom has been sending him letters since he was tiny. They've all been fake, addressed from his "dad". His real dad is a piece of work and his mom has made up a seafaring wanderer who sends Frankie letters from a ficticious freighter that frequents distant ports. When the ficticous ship turns out to be real and headed to Frankies home town things go desperately wrong, then maybe perfectly right. But it could be a real disaster!

    A Little Bit of Irish       Bing Crosby selections from the past. Songs include: Molly Malone, The Rose of Tralee, Bold Fenian Men, Send me my Desire, Irish Jig, Ignatius John, Across the Irish Sea,Isle of Innisfree, Off to Philidelphia, Gaelic Lament, The Fool and the Mother, The Boys of Wexford/Captain Kelly's Kitchen, Off to Dublin in the Green, Macnamara's Band, and of course WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING.

    Leprechaun Pot of Gore Collection       Yay! All five Leprechaun movies in the proverbial pot of gore! Dan O'Grady starts it all off by trying to steal the little guys pot of gold. From there we learn more and more truth about the vicious little critter who ain't about to share any lucky charms.

    The Brothers McMullen       Is a chick flick where three Irish Catholic brothers share emotions and deal with relationships and all that "manly" emotional blarney. Nothing reallly happens except you cry a lot.

    The Devil's Own       Frankie McGuire (cute little Brad Pitt) is an IRA killer who's visiting America to buy weapons. He's posing as a young immigrant in search of work. McGuire is sponsored by Tom O'Meara (tough guy Harrison Ford), a New York cop who knows nothing about Frankie's real identity. Things go wrong with the arms deal, putting both Frankie and the O'Meara family in a real tough spot.

    Angela's Ashes       Frank McCourt made great with Irish wit when dealing with misery. This tale in particular is his very own - told from his perspective as a lad in Limerick whose drunken dad and overworked mom trudge on through the endless poverty and cruelty that marked the 1930's in much of the Emerald Isle. Malachy McCourt's heirloom to his son was all he had, a way of weaving a story that you just had to hear. Luckily the younger McCourt found a typewriter and a publisher and made good for the whole family. This goes a long way to stereotype that Irish were nothing but shiftless drunks, Thanks.

    In the Name of The Father       Based somewhat on the story of Gerry Conlon and the Guildford four, It gives a good look into the relationship between a man and his slacker son. It also shows that a boy without purpose can become a man with a mission. Nicely acted and lots of Irish-Anglo conflict, this gritty crime drama tops the list of Daniel Day Lewis films.

    The Commitments       One of the greatest movies about music and musicians ever. Jimmy Rabbitte wants to form the "World's Hardest Working Band". Jimmy's experience in music so far is selling bootleg tapes from a duffel bag in Dublin's street markets. Somehow he manages to bring together a group of the "blackest blacks in Europe" and they actually begin to make beautiful music. They just need a big break. The big break is on it's way when The Commitments encounter the things that have brought down many a musician - Family, friends and the fame they have worked for.

    The Magdelene Sisters       The only thing worse than a flirty Catholic girl is being a pregnant Catholic girl, even if it was because your cousin raped you. The Magdelene Sisters were good enough to take these troublesome creatures out of circulation until 1996. This is the tale of three such young women in the 1960's who faced the brutality of the pious nuns. Unrelenting drudgery of laundry (the nuns were paid, the girls got gruel), constant prayer and complete seclusion (even from their own families) were to get the women to heaven.

    Waking Ned Devine       O what a tangled web! The luck o' the Irish hits Ned Devine Smack between the eyes. He wins the Lottery bigtime - but the shock of it all gives his ticker a fit. When the townsfolk find him dead they conspire to have a ringer collect the winnings so they can split it.

    Borstal Boy       When Brendan Behan was sent to a reform school for attempting to set a bomb in Liverpool, His life took a series of turns that changed him. This is his story.

    IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT IRELAND       traces the history and legends of ancient Ireland. Beginning in 2000 B.C. -- when Stone Age farmers built some of the largest and most spectacular Neolithic monuments in Europe -- the series explores events and stories from millennia of history, to 1167 A.D., when the Norman invasion placed Ireland under control of England's king.

    St. Patrick: The Irish Legend       Movie version of the Story of St. Patrick.

    Rudy       EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE! Rudy's hopes, dreams, ambitions - really his whole life revolves around him playing football for Notre Dame. He has worked, studied, practiced, done everything possible to make his dream come true. Unfortunately Rudy is just a little too small and a little to slow to play at that level. But that doesn't stop him. It may not have gotten an oscar but it is one of the top movies of all time.

    Celtic Woman       Hot chicks sing and play the music of the Emerald Isle.

    The Celtic Tiger Starring Michael Flatley       Michael Flatley, the fastest feet on earth returns to the stage to spearhead his powerful new dance spectacular, Celtic Tiger.

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    Tis a shame that Killinaskully is not available in the US currently... otherwise I’d force ya to add it to your list.

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    well - me moms last name was McCoy boot me dads last name was Grant - so i think theres an irish/scottish fued comin ..ah heck - canadian eh? [y]

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    Never understood the green beer thing? I'd jate to think what that's doing to your insides. Yes I'm aware that beer or stout is probably no better but still. In any case waiting till tomorrow just isn't very Irish. It's only another eight hours by my reckoning.

    Oh and you're missing Darby O'Gill and the Little People . Possibly the scariest movie I've ever seen.

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    What, no "The Crying Game" ?

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    The "Bull" McCabe protecting his field.

    The Field

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    Ryan's Daughter - during World War I, the unfulfilled young wife of a small village's middle-aged and rather boring schoolteacher falls for the commander of the garrison of occupying British soldiers who are there to suppress the IRA uprising.  A further complication is that the woman's father, Ryan, is the British garrison's informant among the village populace, a fact of which his daughter is unaware.  Basically a melodrama, but the scenery of the rugged Irish coast, given the panoramic treatment by "Lawrence of Arabia" director David Lean, is wonderful.  John Mills won an Oscar for his role as the village idiot, who discovers the illicit liason between the Irish woman and the British officer.

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    One should also not forget:

    How the Irish Saved Civilization
       In this delightful and illuminating look into a crucial but little-known "hinge" of history, Thomas Cahill takes us to the "island of saints and scholars," the Ireland of St. Patrick and the Book of Kells. Here, far from the barbarian despoliation of the continent, monks and scribes laboriously, lovingly, even playfully preserved the West's written treasury. When stability returned in Europe, these Irish scholars were instrumental in spreading learning, becoming not only the conservators of civilization, but also the shapers of the medieval mind, putting their unique stamp on Western culture.

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