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Man Sues Himself

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    OK, so when you read the article it makes slightly more sense, but you still have to wonder, don't you...

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    Haha, wow. Only in America. Smiley

    - Steve

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    Steve411 wrote:
    Only in America.

    Couldn't agree more.

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    Jason Cox

    Sometimes I want to slap my fellow countryman...

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    Not surprising... Comedian Don McMillan (if you don’t know his work I highly suggest looking into it, after all, who doesn’t love a comedian who works in PowerPoint?) had a similar joke/theory that went something to the effect of:

    Don McMillan wrote:
    Mind you I’ve never tried it... so only in theory would it a car... in your own town, get their insurance... take it home, and then run it into your own car! You get a new car and their rates go up! You can even testify against yourself in court, 'your honor, that (I need to watch my language) drove right into me', 'yes I did'

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