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Re-Formatting Problems

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    Well, I have been running my main system that is used for about 5 hours a day at least for approximately 6 months now without re-formatting and the system is getting far too cluttered for my liking.

    I have been thinking of re-formatting for about two months now, but I have come into some dificulty. Basically, I bought my computer from Tiny comouters via The Computer Shop; both these companies have closed, and my system recovery disk shows an error something like this when booted from:

    "Could not establish BIOS lock"

    These may not be the exact word, but they are near enough; I still pay for maintenance, but it is rather awkward to phone the help-line and end up paying £30 for the telephone call.

    My main questions are just:

    1) What are my options for re-formatting?
    2) What has caused this error?
    3) There is an image for the OS as it would be installed on my system after a re-format with the recovery disk, where can I find it? (Is it legal to use it without the recovery disk, and possible to do so?)
    4) How can I fix this error?

    Thanks in advance

    Angus Higgins

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