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    He's hilarious. I had a chance of going to one of his events not too long ago, funnier than SNL. Smiley

    - Steve

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    I like Rory, the guy is hillarious.  I have been reading his blog for years.  He seems to be like he is a hypochondriac a lot of the times.

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    Met Rory at a small (10 of us ?) Geek dinner in London last year and he's a really bright cookie.

    It was easily the most fun "geek dinner" event I've been to. He's really intelligent, witty, unpretentious and friendly. He just naturally seems to like people and be able to communicate with them. And he's enthusiastic in a good way - not mindlessly following the Borg company directive, being brutally honest at times while helping convince you that the Borg company are worth not just his passion and support but yours too.

    Definitely one of the good guys at Microsoft, although one suspects probably a bit of a square peg in a round hole compared with most of his contemporaries.

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