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View Thread: MS releases XNA tools, opens Xbox Live
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    Minh wrote:
    Lazycoder2 wrote: I tried digging through the marketingspeak, but I didn't see anything in there about distribution. How do you get your game listed on XBox live or in the marketplace?
    That hasn't changed. You still has to go through the proper channels to get published on the Xbox if you're an indie.

  • The The Xbox RDP is open to established professional game development studios with a history of shipped titles and good industry references. If you represent a startup company, you may be considered if the team is made up of experienced individuals. "

    So I can develop a game that will run on the Xbox 360 or a PC, but I can only distribute it on the PC easily. Unless I'm a big dog, at which point I can get a spot at the Xbox live table. And I have to purchase an Xbox 360 DK?

    This is starting to just look like a DirectX refresh/re-branding. They need to provide a way for the "two guys in a garage with a dream" to self-publish their game on Xbox live. I'm sure they've thought of this, I just can't find it anywhere.