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    Sabot wrote:
    Japan_Germany has a point. In Germany Microsoft isn't King just a very strong contender. Just ask Munchen Met Council, they have 10,000 Linux desktops.

    I live in Munich, and they don't seem to have their 10000 Linux desktops yet - I've been in quite a few of the local government offices recently (as a normal customer, getting bureaucratic stuff done), and I checked out what they were running, and it was still Windows. I didn't see Linux once.

    And apparently they're having tremendous problems porting to Linux, one reason being because its too difficult to convert the custom software they have under Windows into Linux. The problem is the development tools, and that the people doing it aren't up to speed on Linux development - which is fair enough I guess. To get around some of this, I believe they're planning on running Windows software on a Windows installation running on VMWare on Linux, or something like that. And, as a taxpayer, you do wonder why they are bothering..!

    It will be interesting to see if it works, and if most of it does end up on Windows on VMWare, whether they still claim success.