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View Thread: Vista delayed...misses Christmas - launch now 2007
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    blatzcoder wrote:
    That is why I have little desire to ever work for Microsoft.  I always figured I would get stuck on some team that would force 80+ hours a week out of me.

    You can't raise a family sanely like that.  Having several people burn out on your staff means your workplace is doing something seriously wrong.  That's not's called "using people".

    It's not necessarily Microsoft forcing it. I've got an ex-softie working for me. He was a senior SDE on Visual Studio and later Office. He's putting in 12-16 hour days on a project that has a current total user base of 5. It's not even mission critical, it's a data entry front end. Complaining the whole time about the hours he "has" to work. We've told him point blank several times, "You don't need to work so much.". But he continues with his macho posturing and martyrdom. (shrug) He saw that I got into the office before he did (working 10 hour days, 4 days a week so I can be home with my daughter) and said "I'll have to come in earlier so I can be here before the boss."

    What do you do? He'll burn out in a few years and I'll have to hire someone else or fill his position while he's on leave.