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View Thread: Neowin: More than half of Microsoft Vista needs re-writing
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    LarryOsterman wrote:
    Karim wrote:

    I thought about this really hard for a couple of minutes and then burst out laughing.

    There's actually a thread about that, isn't there?

    Sorry.  You said no more hints. 

    EDIT: I am reminded of that scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Sir Bedevere uses the Socratic Method to help the villagers with a witch hunt.

    Sir Osterman: There are ways of telling why Vista is delayed.

    I hadn't seen that part, but yup, that's the big difference between volume license corps and new PC sales.

    But IMHO, there's another part of the reason for the 2 months.  Can you figure it out? 

    Btw, can you tell I edited that stupid paragraph way too many times?  I can't even read what it says and I wrote it.

    LOL paragraph seemed fine to me... it compiled the first time, anyway

    I'm with mVPstar... after slapping my forehead and laughing, I just kind of figured the delay would put things too close to Christmas generally.  Shipping companies get really busy, retailers start cramming crap into their shelves... or maybe it's a media thing?  Can't get a decent media buy mid-December?  People go on vacation?  I just figured there was something about the holidays that meant they had to be skipped entirely, once you got close enough.  I'm assuming it's something an outsider could guess (i.e. not requiring insider knowledge) and not something totally arcane (e.g. CD printer is Zoroastrian and they have a religious holiday from November 27-December 3)

    I did puzzle over the first thing for the longest time, though.  And once I saw it, it was like 10 other formerly-confusing facts just snapped into place.  That's why I laughed.  It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and not having ANY idea of what it was a picture of, then someone points out a piece, and you put it in place and then all of a sudden the picture just LEAPS out at you. Big Smile