BruceMorgan wrote:
balupton wrote: No offense taken, i originally read it on that linked back to;

Which actually included an email;
From: Kevin Johnson
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:01 AM
To: Platforms & Services Division
Cc: Executive Staff
Subject: Aligning PSD for Growth and Agility

Yer so it seemed rather reliable to me...

But just said the story is now reported false and linked to here;

Which sounds like scoble is out head hunting

Are you serious?  Did you read that?  That email is the internal mail announcing the re-org of the Platform & Services Division. 

Find me where Kevin says we're going to rewrite 60% of Vista, or 60% of the MCE code, or 60% of fill-in-the-blank?

Find me a name or anything close to back up to the 60% figure.

Did i say i ever believed that the recode was true?
Find me where i said that.

I said i highly doubted it was true because there is no way 60% of vista is media center stuff.