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View Thread: Teenagers with PC knowledge and no respect
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    RobertoOnLine wrote:
    Every two weeks over the past three months I go over to my sister-in-laws
    to run ad-aware se,spybot,ewido,spywareBlaster and ccleaner and check on microsoft updates,also avast! AV and zonealarm free FW.
    Two weeks ago I installed " K9 Web protection" to keep the two 15 year old twins out of sites not suitable for them.  When I returned today I noticed the boys reloaded the original gateway CD's that came with their PC which  reloaded XP Sp1 and all original software on the computer because they wanted "k9 web protection "off their computer.

    So all my work over the last 3 months is out the window.

    They have a one parent mother and the only punishment she gave them was to stay off the PC for one month.

    May I have your comments?

    You're evil.

    Surely you should be encouraging the twin's attempts to "learn and explore"? If you feel you've got a good reason for them not to do stuff, explain it to them fully rather than being dogmatic.

    For all my life I've surfed without "protection" (since age 8) and I've turned out fine. My guess is that you're some kind of "soccer-mom"-type, a control-freak, the twins secretly hate you.