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View Thread: Teenagers with PC knowledge and no respect
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    IRenderable wrote:
    I am 15 and I would laugh at you if you tried to stop me from looking at what sites I wanted too. Though not installing SP2 shows they dont actually have that much PC knowledge...

    I have seen the Man Who Stretches Certain Parts Of His Anotomy Very Wide and the Girl Who Resemble A Tub. I am fine so far (at least I think I am).

    Sure, most of the stuff really isn't going to hurt you if you're relatively well-adjusted to start with, but since you're living under someone else's legal guardianship, you have to follow their rules.  And if their rules include "you must use this software," then you'd better follow it, unless that rule is something absolutely wrong (we're talking beyond the pale).
    I probably could keep you in a well defined box, given certain assumptions.  I don't know how much you're willing to much about with trying to break the BIOS password (sometimes trivial, sometimes not), so if I changed the boot order, locked BIOS under a password, and gave you limited rights, you probably wouldn't be able to do much.  Of course, this rests on the earlier assumption about BIOS knowledge...