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E3 2006

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    I don't play much but I'm pretty excited about new consoles and games.
    So what are you expecting from upcoming E3 ?

    I hope there is some news about PS3 and games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Crysis.
    CryEngine2 looks pretty good.

    There has been couple pretty interesting rumours/news about PS3:
    PS3 supports Linux (Linux 2.6.16 is the first Linux which supports Cell processor)
    PS3 to to ship region free!
    Sony announces online service for PS3

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    I could have attended this years E3 if I didn't have my A-Levels, ah well... there's always next year.

    The main thing I'm hoping to hear about this year is the Nintendo Revolution, and maybe some details on the proposed RTCW movie, Enemy Territory: Quakewars, and Half-Life 2: Aftermath.

    But it's not for another month and a half

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    Will cross arms in X shape for $150.00

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    Tom Servo

    They'll announce yet another delay for STALKER on the E3.

    Anyway, needs more Spore.

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    Hehe. The super mario land trailer is great... Finally some fresh meat for me Smiley

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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Will cross arms in X shape for $150.00


    Someone should print that up on t-shirts and sell them at E3!  Big Smile

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    I wonder what the 360 team has up their sleeves, for some reason, I expect something to at least be announced.  Something big and hopefully exciting.

    I mean, it was launched in November, so there has been enough time for some really good stuff to get cooked up.  I could be wrong, though.  What I'd like to hear is N3 and eNchant Arm coming to the US... we need good RPGs like that.

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    All I want is Twilight Princess, that's all.

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    OMG! CryEngine2... Wow!!!! I can't believe it.

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    littleguru wrote:
    OMG! CryEngine2... Wow!!!! I can't believe it.

    Yes, its amazing.
    Jim Allchin showed a video in his keynotes, at PDC05.

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