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    Bas said:
    harumscarum said:
    I'm really keen to try it, but the DRM puts me off, and I'm afraid that it's not so much a game but just four or five minigames that allow you to play around with whatever you made in the editor.

    The space stage which is really the meat of the game given how irrelevant the other parts seem to be is rather half-baked. I don't think any one patch will fix it enough, year worth of patches maybe. What I feel is missing is the other human players. Given how the overall design is I don't think it would be infeasible to make this into "spore online". I know there are other space mmo's there but I don't want an immersion breaking and slow experience so there should be no ingame RL-communication and diplomacy should be limited such that you can't get dozen player alliances powering through other players. Alternatively it could be human players vs developers/npc type of thing.

    I'd also like to see more proper story and scripting, now it seems there are handful of different mission types and some vague quest to the middle of the galaxy that web sources say isn't all that rewarding. Or maybe it's too early to tell - 15 years ago there was a similar space game with some grand plot but no reviewer had found it and it got poor reviews since there was no point in it.. only if you played a ton it would reveal itself.