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    Harlequin said:
    Bas said:
    Haven't put it on my own computer, but bought two copies for the boys(8 & 10) to put on their laptops. Pretty cool game it seems. Weird to see what creatures they make that you could never think of. One of them had 2 heads, wouldn't even think of doing that myself...hehe

    Edit: All they had were the Galactic Editions. Bit pricier, but comes with a cool book of art and a "Making of..." DVD among other things. And a neat plastic case.
    The editor and parts are a bit too limited for my taste but I've seen that it's possible to get good approximations of existing things with some time and skill. Finding suitable parts to conserve complexity, using the tab key to get the advanced controls and sizing some parts to be very small then duplicating them allows to create things that at first seem it couldn't be used to do. There are some tutorial vids on the site showing this and other tricks.

    Ultimately though when you either read or realize that the pirate/enemy attacks are based on a TIMER (fixed x minutes I've read not measured).... so you can go and change it from x to y by editing a file. Well that is just incredibly lame. Timers are fine if you ran out of time to do anything better but in Spore they forgot to sprinkle enough random there and the hostiles act as they look. The only difficulty is that in the beginning you have no proper weapons, after you get the mega bomb the space stage difficulty drops to zero there doesn't seem to be any satisfactory conclusion in sight that I've seen or read about. The game desperately needs a scripted well thought out story or switch the AI to human empires. Now it's a bit like a GTA without the story, fun if you are happy in a sandbox alone.