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    Bas said:
    harumscarum said:
    I'm really keen to try it, but the DRM puts me off, and I'm afraid that it's not so much a game but just four or five minigames that allow you to play around with whatever you made in the editor.

    This was noted elsewhere thought I'd note it here:

    If you look at the video in the op from GDC 2005 and the finished product there are some rather obvious differences in the style/art direction. Considering the code of 2005 ran quite smoothly and looked very good it's quite interesting how in 2008 on high end computer the actual game looks as if it was made for the low end hardware of 2005? What was low end in 2005? Consoles of course. So my thinking is that unlike with some games where PC gets better graphics than Consoles, this time PC gamers get console level graphics. And on top of that the art styling seems to have turned from one that appeals older kids into something of a politically correct adult vision of what kids hopefully like and clearly effort has been put into making it hard as possible to create anything remotely scary looking.