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    Bas said:
    harumscarum said:
    I'm really keen to try it, but the DRM puts me off, and I'm afraid that it's not so much a game but just four or five minigames that allow you to play around with whatever you made in the editor.
    Nah, this is an overhyped game building on top of The Sims popularity. But this game certainly does not offer a world we can relate nor a social aspect from Ths Sims. Most annoyingly they put Sim City away for this game, now we have to buy a city building game from French.

    The main concern I have for this game is that each stage is basically a different game. Instead of combining the elements from different games, it just use them in different stages. I don't think it will provide a seemless gaming experience. Nevertheless, it will sell like crazy due to its hype and unique game type.