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    Angus wrote:
    My previous post was made during the first part of the video; I was completely in awe of the game at that point, and that was before the bit about going to other planets, galaxies, etc.

    I have watched the whole thing and I can honestly say I am speechless; I can't describe how much I want the game now.

    I am very excited about this; it is like the perfect game that could be made in my eyes.

    I've seen a lot; Spore has the potential to be revolutionary, but as Will Wright said, Spore is just a bunch of games stitched together (SimLife + SimAnt + "SimTribe" + SimCity + Civilization + a bit of CNC + Alpha Centuri). I'd say I'm expecting this kind of game for a while, but I'm afraid that too much of the game is hard-coded and not flexible enough (for instance, it limits you to "life as we know it" and not other forms of life, like non-carbon based, for example)