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MS Reality TV show  ;)

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    Welcome! - live!  to "The World's Richest Man!" - you thought the Apprentice was good  - just you wait!

    In the summer of 2006 - the worlds richest man and chairman of msft corp - voluntarily; with the BOD's consent - divided his company into 4 "mean lean fighting machines" ( now where have i heard that..)

    collectively named Microsoft West / Microsoft East / Microsoft North / Microsoft South - the four distinct companies were each given the complete & current msft codebase of all applications as a starting point towards world domination...

    who will win - east? north? the corps? or consumer?  tune in next season!
    (of course - current shareholders would = shareholder in all 4 - everyone would win)

    Maybe this would give us some choice (for those who cant switch to mac or linux - plus - add millions to ms with new "Show") - Sorry but Gates trumps Trump!

    * yes this idea is ...out there..  id consider it though Wink

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    Commentator 1: looks like ms north has gone the corp sales route. theyre winning all the volume licences

    Commentator 2: "yes it seems that corp - drm lock down style has paid off for the coders in ms north - that office document drm is really playing to their advantage"

    Commentator 3: "hey not so fast guys - Microsoft East has got a stronger growth rate by leveraging interoperability between competing platforms - ouch! thats just got to hurt the northern team"

    Commentator 2: "this just in - MS south has throw the gauntlet down - they are going total consumer - downloads up 20 fold - we'll be right back after this commercial break where the 4 CEOs meet gates and ballmer in the boardroom... Wink

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    How about Battle of the TCP/IP Network Stars?

    Howard Cosell: Well here we are back with the Blue Team, with the stars of Wonder Woman, Welcome Back, Kotter, and Barney Miller.  They have just beaten Microsoft in the swim relay event, and Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to say that, in all my years as a sports reporter, I have never seen a team compete with such perspicatious intestinal fortitude.

    Lynda Carter: Thank you, Howard.

    Howard Cosell: What was the secret to your success?  Training?  Coordination?  Raw speed?

    Gabe Kaplan: We didn't eat 17 pounds of M&M before the event.

    Howard Cosell: And there you have it.  Mighty Microsoft, humbled by inopportune overindulgance in a tiny chocolate comestible.  I think there's a lesson in that for us all.  Back to you, Jim.

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    id watch it.  id buy it.  id use it.  (well the one that met my needs - go MS south!) Wink

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