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    How about Battle of the TCP/IP Network Stars?

    Howard Cosell: Well here we are back with the Blue Team, with the stars of Wonder Woman, Welcome Back, Kotter, and Barney Miller.  They have just beaten Microsoft in the swim relay event, and Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to say that, in all my years as a sports reporter, I have never seen a team compete with such perspicatious intestinal fortitude.

    Lynda Carter: Thank you, Howard.

    Howard Cosell: What was the secret to your success?  Training?  Coordination?  Raw speed?

    Gabe Kaplan: We didn't eat 17 pounds of M&M before the event.

    Howard Cosell: And there you have it.  Mighty Microsoft, humbled by inopportune overindulgance in a tiny chocolate comestible.  I think there's a lesson in that for us all.  Back to you, Jim.