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View Thread: Who has the biggest ripped cd and dvd collection here?
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    CoLD FiRe wrote:

    I’ve ripped the entire families Music Collection.And im not going to lie, there’s probably 10gigs of Downloaded music there to. But honestly. My families spent probably something close to $10,000 on Music Albums. We have about 350 retail Albums so yeah...

    I have a friend who works in Redmond and his entire den is covered in CD racks.  He must have well over 2000 CD's ripped to his MCE machine.  Every album I could think of in the 70's, 80's, 90's and current he had.  In fact, he had the entire collection for many artists.  Amazing stuff.  I need ot check to see what the actually count is up to, and how much disk space he is using.  You would not believe his crib.

    So CoLD FiRe, is that your picture?  Tongue Out