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    CoLD FiRe

    Heywood_J wrote:
    An operating system shouldn't really have "features".  Those belong in the applications I use.

    I want an OS - any OS - to be solid and not full of security holes that can be 0wned by script kiddies 5 seconds after plugging into a cable modem.

    Don't waste my time (and my hard drive space) by including a bunch of crappy programs (paint, cd burning, etc)  that are several orders of magnitude worse than most shareware programs.

    I want an OS to be transparent - let me run my applications, get work done and not be bothered by stupid animated dogs and paperclips.

    I totally agree with you on the Search Dog and the Paperclip Office Assistant. But if you bothered to notice there’s no more office assistant in Office 2007 nor is there the Search Dog (Or any other Characters) in Vista's Search.

    And everyone wants an operating system thats solid and not full of security holes.

    But for you final statement I TOTALLY DISSAGREE!
    Windows if for the masses. There for it should have MANY MANY features far more so than what is currently included. If I buy a computer and a copy of windows a don’t want to then have to go and waste my hard earned money on apps to carry out simple tasks like simple photo editing or burning cds/dvds.

    Though I do agree that you get a lot of crap installed that you probably either; won’t use/don’t need or have a more powerful 3rd party app that carries out a better job at task.
    So to solve that there should simply be the option during the windows installation environment to choose exactly what services and applications that you would like to be installed. And on the other side and express install that just allows you to intall Vista with hardly any further input.

    Vista is missing heaps of GREAT features that longhorn had planned as we all know. So saying that OS’s shouldn’t have features as such is total BS.

    All I can say to you Heywood_J is if you want a very light OS that has hardly any bundled crap and which is transparent and allows you to get work done then go and try out one of the many great Linux Distores out there.