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    Minh wrote:
    It goes to prove that if you're fat & happy, you can't make good art.

    A recurring question at the local Philosophy Club.  I tend to agree with you.  Though occasionally there's somebody like Matisse who throws a wrench into the works by being fat, happy, stable, married with children, well-adjusted, popular, AND a good artist.

    There's an interesting film by Lars Von Trier called The Five Obstructions, in which Von Trier takes a filmmaker he idolizes (Jorgen Leth) and asks him to make short films, but with "obstructions" (obstacles) randomly created by Von Trier.  One of the ideas was, I think, that great art comes out of a struggle, that you have to be working against some kind of obstruction -- in other words, that you can't be fat and happy to make great art.

    Star Wars was great because Lucas was trying to make this epic saga and he had no budget, nobody was interested in science fiction films.  Lucas had obstacles galore -- that's why they gave him merchandising rights, the studio thought they were worthless.  The Phantom Menace sucked because finally Lucas had all the money in the world and he could finally make the boring saga about the Trade Federation's role in Galactic Politics that he always dreamed of making.  He had no obstacles.

    rjdohnert wrote:
    Yeah I tried to force choke someone, unfortunately it didnt work.  Beer28 kept showing up.


    Charles: This isn't the forum you're looking for.  [handwave]

    Beer28: This isn't the forum I'm looking for.

    Charles: You want to go home and rethink your life.  [handwave]

    Beer28: I want to go home and rethink my life.

    BenZilla wrote:
    The funny thing is, Lucas didn't direct Empire and Return of the Jedi which are probably the 2 best star wars films.

    Lucas is a great director, I think... as awesome as Kershner was on Empire, if you're just talking about direction, I'd still give the nod to Lucas. 

    The dialogue that Lucas wrote, on the other hand... Tongue Out

    I found the two Clone Wars DVDs to be more entertaining than most of the films.... and strangely, one of the "obstructions" in the Von Trier film was to remake a film as a cartoon...