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WPF/E question

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    Will the WPF/E function as a sort of flash inside a page or as a dhtml like page?

    Because, I found an example online which looks like this will work like a flash page works today or a java applet.

    <object/embed id="wpfehost" size="…">
    <param name="source" value="default.wpfe"/>
    <param name="startuppage" value="default.xaml"/>

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    It will run as an object hosted by the browser, either embedded in an html page or navigated to directly. So its more like flash than VML in IE or SVG in Firefox. Within the object you will have plain text XAML pages, and JS or C# scripting but they will be packaged together and zipped up.

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    eddwo: Thanks.

    I wonder how all this will affect the behavior of the end user, as in  usage on different devices next to the pc. Will it change the behavior of the consumer, etc. Can't wait to test it and see those reallife demo's, they amaze me each time Smiley 
    If they could just hurry Tongue Out

    blatzcoder: I have no concern in that direction, personaly I think Microsoft is improving a lot, look for instance at a product like IIS6. Which is a huge improvement security wise compared to IIS5. And I can't wait to see the power of IIS7.

    Sure they make faults, but we all do. In total there are still doing fine, but that is my meaning which will problaly differ from yours. Which is no problem at all, because if we all think the same then what fun would the world be!

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    blatzcoder wrote:
    My concern is that if this goes the same route as "turn off your active scripting" or "don't use ActiveX components".  Will these new components run in a sandbox environment or will they have access to your hard drive (which they shouldn't, but given Microsoft's track record and apparent cluelessness on these issues...)?

    Man you're harsh.  Big Smile

    The MIX06 presentation on WPF/E is up at:

    Slide 13 says:

    "WPF/E" hosts an x-platform .NET runtime

     - Code (C#/VB.NET) is compiled into an intermediate language (IL)

     - IL is run in a secure and "managed" environment

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    WPF/E will be a browser add-in.  That means either a Netscape plug-in or an ActiveX control depending on your browser of choice. 

    The WPF/E plug-in will always be sandboxed and will not have access to the harddrive.  We're considering adding a safe storage API, but our plan for this has not yet been decided.

     - mike

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    Mike hasn't mentioned it but if you're at all interested in WPF/E then his blog is a must-read.

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