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    Last week I posted that the team and I were going to unplug for a day and do some thinking and planning.  We took your feedback and did just that.  It was a long and somewhat intense day but at the end, we walked away feeling good about Channel 9 and what we have built as a community.  While we are not going to make radical changes to Channel 9 (why fix what is not broken?) we are going to continue to make refinements to the site.  Here is a quick summary of what we have coming in the near future on Channel 9 to make the experience better and keep it valuable for all. 

    • Downloadable Video - We got the message, Videos, Videos, Videos and more of them!  We are going to have the complete Channel 9 video archive available for download by the end of the week and will post each new video with a downloadable version starting next week.
    • Downloadable Audio and Transcripts - Each new video post will have a streaming video, a downloadable video, an MP3 and WMA version, and a text transcript when posted in the near future.  We are working on a new production process that will make this easier and faster for our small team.  Now you can take Channel 9 content with you everywhere and share it with friends and colleagues.
    • Sorting of Video and Forums - You want to view the forums and videos different ways.  Sometimes you want to see the latest active, sometimes you want to view by date.  We are going to make the forums easier to use.
    • Videos in other languages and from around the world - Microsoft is a global company with employees in just about every country in the world, we are going to bring more of Microsoft to you in more languages.
    • Simplifying the site - We are cleaning up everything from the navigation to the forums to make it simpler to find what you are looking for when you are looking for it and to make everything easier and more elegant. 
    • The Poll returns ...
    • And a few other surprises that you will just have to wait for Smiley
    Thanks again for all of your help, support, and great ideas.  Keep em coming, and Keep on posting. 

    Lenn and the Channel 9 Team