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Channel 9 - What's next?

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    The downloadable videos have been very helpful.

    What's next?  Since this site is nearing 10,000 members (9,732 at last count on 9/1/04), why not offer something to the 10,000th person who signs up.  Maybe some small, free, cool software or a Microsoft toaster than burns designs on bread.  That may get more people to sign up/post/eat more bread.  Problem with that strategy is somebody could sign up just to get the toaster, and then bolt.  How about some shirts, eh?

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    You guys are great! Really appreciate the work you all do.  Keep it up!

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    Where is our promised poll?

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    Loadsgood wrote:

    My predictions are that c9 shall not be around by the time Longhorn comes out 2006/2007.

    Two years? How about two weeks. LOL

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    Yes I want user created polls and polls on the homepage as well.

    Yes, this post has been edited.

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    Hi Guys

    Heres a wierd and kinda wacky idea, how about a smart client, so that we can take the video's on the move create a better community IM(maybe), rich editing of the forums, alerts when a post your watching has been updated. You could embed media player, people could watch and talk about the video's and watch together.

    What do people think, so many idea's so little time. Or how about exposing some web services and have a competition to see who can make the best one?


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    I think Andy's idea of IM is great, but if you really want people to get to know one another how about live chat a la IRC. Another community that I am involved in has an IRC channel, it never seems to have less than half a dozen people in it and it really helps people connect - better yet, the majority of people in the community have become friends in real life and go out of their way to help each other.

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    Interesting idea...

    Keep on posting,


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