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    CoLD FiRe

    “Don't say you didn't ask for this...”
    LOL!!! Ok awesome. Thanks for explaining. I believe you have some valid points. But others are just plain stupid.
    Let me explain.

    Acrylic Express
    By “Acrylic Express” it meant a LIGHT version of Acrylic. Hence have the Express in its name. Basically what I would like to see is. Paint with Layer support. So I guess I went a bit far fetched in saying I want light version of Acrylic. And there are some other things that paint could do with that it currently doesn’t have.
    Layering wouldn’t be a problem, because just like Photoshop it would create only one surface until you further create more. Hence a user wouldn’t get confused since there’s only ONE to play with by default.

    “If anything MS Paint could do with being made even simpler, which would open doors to a lot of users.”
    LMAO! Are you for REAL? SIMPLER?
    My god boy, Let me personally go around to those people who have a hard time understanding paint and deliver them a nice black board and box of chalk! I would of supplied coloured chalk but that would make things more confusing for them so I’ll just offer them white!

    Word Express
    Wordpad wouldn’t be removed since it would be replaced with an app that offers more. As you mentioned Drag + Drop behaviour would be much appreciated and a Spell Checker. As you said a lot of us simply use Word for the Spell Checker. I don’t think we need to go and spend all that money just to get an application with a spell checker. So hence why Word Express or an updated version of Wordpad should included a spell checker. I guess this would fall under the System Wide spell Checker anyway. OH and MAC OS X has it and they don’t seem to have any problems selling Office.

    And by the term “Express “I mean a light version of there more powerful sister apps. So you wouldn’t stop buy Office just because Wordpad has a slightly more user friendly features or not buy Photoshop just because Paint can support Layers!

    I agree that most implementations of Gestures are stupid. Though I was merely thinking as offering them as an Accessibility feature. One of my mates has one arms and he uses mouse-gestures to stop him from having to take his hand off the mouse as often as he did before.
    On another note, one gesture that I liked was from a browser plug in. It allowed me to simply shake the mouse very quickly left and right to stop a page from loading. Or up and down to refresh. This actually was quicker than moving the mouse all the way to the top to press the Action button. Since you would only have to move the mouse up/down, left/right over about 2cms of screen space. Anyway I do agree that there most often a gimmick than a tool.

    No, windows DOES NOT support this!
    Theres NO way in which you can make windows ask for a password when you go to enter a folder.

    And I think you have totally lost the plot with that comment. Since a user can do more damage with playing around with NTFS encryption which is easy to turn on or toying around with security permissions.
    Being able to password a folder is a pretty basic feature that’s missing if you ask me. I have great ideas in how you could implement such a feature and how it could have a fail safe system as well. But I won’t bother in explaining that all here.

    Glass Toasts notifications
    "I actually want to SEE notifications when they appear."
    Again you are kidding right? I’m guessing you actually looked at the picture.
    If case you didn’t notice. There is a solid colour fill behind the actual text. Therefore you can CLEARLY read it.
    Glass doesn’t mean that it actually turns invisible! Oh and in case you haven’t noticed Glass is all over the place in Vista. The entire Gadget window is made of Glass. So I guess you won’t be able to see any of that at all! Poor guy…
    I was simply saying that the Glass Notifications should be brought back since it would fit in with the ALREADY EXISTING GLASS theme!

    3D animated icons
    *Big gulp of Air… ahhhh. Ok…
    “Vista is already laggy enough and I can't afford a super-computer to generate the 3D icons while I'm trying to write an e-mail.”

    OK you can’t afford a super computer. That’s fair enough. But here’s the thing mate. Vista will detect that you have a crap system and firstly turn off Glass so that your computer will decloak so that you can see it again and it will also turn off all those animations so you can write your email!

    OK, so for people like me that won’t get a system slow down by having animations going, 3D animations would be a nice extra. Why do people love Macs UI so much? Because it has far more feedback in the eye candy side of things it create the impression that your systems more alive and responsive. Why do people like the look of that super hot red Ferrari? Why do in movies all the UIs for there computers systems look dam right stunning?
    If I’ve got two Geforce 8 Direct X 10 cards in SLI. Why can’t I at least use some of there idling power to make windows look more attractive?

    Also did you ever run the 4xxx builds with these effects? They never lagged my system up at all and back then I was using a Geforce 2 GTS.

    Phodeo & Carousel views
    OK first off. You obviously haven’t seen Phodeo in action. It’s extremely useful and very easy to use!
    It allows you to skim through and sort gigs of images with ease. I’m going by an actual video which showed off Phodeo in action.

    The link I gave to the Carousel View wasn’t a very good example of how I would like to see it.
    This perhaps is a better illustration of how i would like to see it.

    “See my 'rant' about the notification box. What is the point of a transparent desktop?

    You can't click or use the items behind the "in focus" one; thus it could only lead to confusion.

    If you are THAT desperate not to see things then I suggest you turn your monitor off.”

    OH god here’s a big one for ya! Those same issues that you brought up apply to Vista today!!! Since stuff is still Transparent!!! OHH NO! Oh that’s right Vista will turn it off on your system.

    Old theme styles
    I totally agree that Plex was Hideous!
    But have you seen what some of the themes looked liked when you unlocked some of there features?
    Remember these where also unfinished and could have had lots of final polish added to them.
    I have some far more interesting screenshots but I’m not allowed to post them.

    Microsoft Max & Windows Photo Gallery
    “Because Microsoft MAX is about *SHARING* photos, The Photo Gallery is about *VIEWING* photos. They each have their own purpose.”

    Umm yes…?? And when the other person receives these *SHARED* photos, what do they do with them? THEY VIEW THEM!!!! That’s right!!!!! And guess what! They view them in get ready 1 2 3!!, MICROSOFT MAX!!!!!
    Hence why these two programs should be merged. Why should I have to have 2 programs installed to simply view and share photos? These two functions go hand in had which is why it’s vital that they are intergraded as one program.

    My god

    OS mode selector
    “The Operating System already does this... It also has process prioritising build in, such that any game developer (or other application developer) could completely monopolise the computer system.”

    Yes you are correct. I forgot about this. And really gamers are the only ones that would need a special mode for gaming. And since now Vista has prioritising build in we wouldn’t really need a MODE Selector.
    And the Power Management feature has the option to do things like turn Glass Off to save power. So this aspect is already merging in.

    Surround Sound support in Windows sound themes
    “You can already. Install the Dolby Digital (AC3) codec; change the audio panel to point at your AC3 sound of choice and your off.”

    Ahh so you are saying I can tell it to point to a AC3 file even though it only allows me to pick files with a wave extension?
    And anyway I would like WMA support. After all its Microsoft’s own format!

    Explorer to Auto Refresh itself
    “Well sorry but that would be far too laggy... Browsing though and sorting an entire directory of perhaps hundreds of files takes time and CPU power, if you do it all the time the users will start to feel the effect and they won't like it.”

    Here we go with your lag again. Really what are you running, a 486 or something?

    I don’t know if you have tried it but it doesn’t lag when you press the refresh button. It updates in a flash.
    Also it would only Auto Rearrange itself if a file was either modified by file name or meta data or if another file was added or removed. So it wouldn’t be refreshing all the time.

    Also if you where smart you would make it so that when it re-arranges/refreshes itself, it would take you straight back to the current position in which you where viewing, so that you wouldn’t have to re-scroll down.

    Much CPU power to refresh a file list?? Again upgrade your computer mate.

    “However, I would like to see Paste auto-re-sort the folder on use.”
    GOD this is actually what I was trying to say in the first place. LOL

    The End
    I see you’re a programmer. I think this is why you just don’t understand these things. I bet you’re very happy with your windows Classic theme.

    Also can people stop complaining about Vista being a resource hog!
    If your system cant run it then bloody well stay with windows XP!
    If you want the new features that Vista will carry then upgrade your system.

    You guys make it seem like you would expect Star Treks Holodeck to run on your commodore 64!
    I hope one day (though probably not in my life time) that we will have technology like that of what we see in Sci Fi movies. So expect to keep having to for ever upgrade your systems until we get that Advanced ok!

    "UlsterFry" NO! LOL.