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View Thread: Why is C# better?
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    Biggest reason : ANDERS HEJLSBERG


    1) The point that there's a lot in a name....taste counts man, taste  

    2) The line that C# continues to extend into the future

    3) The space where C# is relevant:

         i) Academic plane:
             The ideological simplification-->"let all be objects" is
             incredibely      powerful especially when baked into the
             language from the word go. And then the students can grow
             with this first love into other paradigms to both  higher and
             lower abstractions levels. Other languages have either
             "Simplexity" java   OR   "Complecity" .... like  C++   !!
              While C# projects simplicity as much as possible but no more.
              (Einstein never said that , did he? well, its widely believed that
               he did !!)

         ii) Industry plane:

             Programmers from C, C++,Java backgrounds can plug into a C#
             universe really quickly. They dont have to learn a radically new
             language AND a plateform.

        iii) Cross-Plat plane

             This one is also a great favorite of mine. Your mind gets free of
             platform lockin concerns (read mono etc)  so you can innovate
             as you please. Standardization works ! ...kudos to Anders for

        iv) Higher esoteric dimensions that are best left for you to
             recognize when you see them !!

    (oh , did I mention ANDERS HEJLBERG)