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View Thread: Why is the J# runtime always installing with VS 2005?
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    re 5% of the drive
    It's not the small % of the drive that concerns me, just that it's the space that will never be used/looked at/accessed at all.  Kind of like installing a foreign dictionary for Word, no sense having something on there I know I'll never use.  Likewise when doing the Office install at home, I just opt out of the Access and PowerPoint installs, same logic, no sense installing stuff that just takes up valuable HD.

    I guess this comes down to two issues.  One is the HD MBs and one is the actual opting out of the intall.  Albeit the first one is trivial, it's not the focus of the question, IMHO.  The latter one is the kicker, at least for me it is.  MS does a great job of letting me not install VB and C++, why can't it let me do that for J# too?